Monster Being


Character Animation

Background Design


Oct 2019


"Bakemono no Ko"


I had a chance to participate in a collaboration of motion designers and animators. 

The main idea was to show the day to day routines of a “monsters”. 

Every collaborator has to choose a “monster” and show it’s life, struggles and happy moments.

I decided to show a character from the cool anime Jap:バケモノの子, “Bakemono no Ko”, “The Boy and the Beast”.  

In a movie, there is an alternative parallel world, where animals live with their own society and rules.

The name of the character is 熊徹 Kumatetsu. Which literally means the Iron Bear. “Kuma” – bear, “tetsu” – iron.

So, I was wondered how would he act in the human world?

The main challenge for me personally was to create a magic background which I have never done before. I took some references from the great game “Gris”. The level of details, colors and the concept in the game are insane!

Shoutouts to Studio ChizuNomada Studios and all producers and animators who participated in the collaboration!!