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Oct 2019


"Bakemono no Ko"


I once had a chance to participate in a collaboration of motion designers and animators. 

The main idea was to show the day to day routines of a “monsters”. 

Every collaborator has to choose a “monster” and show it’s life, struggles and happy moments.

I decided to show a character from the cool anime “The Boy and the Beast”  (Jap:バケモノの子, “Bakemono no Ko”).

In a movie, there is an alternative parallel world, where animals live with their own society and rules.

The name of the character is 熊徹 Kumatetsu. Which literally means the Iron Bear. “Kuma” – bear, “tetsu” – iron.

So, I was wondered how would he act in the human world?

Shoutouts to Studio ChizuNomada Studios and all producers and animators who participated in the collaboration!!