Motion Design

Main Title Design



End Credits 


DEC 2019 — JAN 2020

I was honored to be a part of the ZHUSAN documentary production team.

ZHUSAN — Artemisia, a mugwort, wormwood is a type of aromatic herbs that are often mentioned in many cultures around the world.

The film tells a story about the difficult fate of the people who became victims of ideological and political wars in the Middle East.

In 2012-2015, radically recruited Kazakhstanis most often left for Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Syria. It’s impossible to calculate the exact number of people that have left.

Usually they had no documents and after they left the country, they ended up falling into the hands of the extremist groups. 

“The bitter smell of ZHUSAN” is a nostalgic scent of an endless steppe that is associated with the homeland and the memory of the ones who were forcibly separated and departed for the never-ending war.

As the documentary concerns the military and social topics, the production team asked me to recreate the style of the Call of Duty game series, to make it seem like the viewer is having his/her own mission briefing.

For one of the scenes, I was asked to recreate the original Whatsapp conversation between the main character and the person from ISIS.

As for the end titles we decided to create a chain of unique walls going one after another. Therefore, the appearing credits, the forward movement of the camera and focus blur in the frame creates the depth of field in the picture with a sense of integrity of the film.

Directors: kana beisekeyev, Beibit Oner, Aizatulla Hussein

DOP: kana beisekeyev, Aizatulla Hussein, Madi Zhagi, Gibrat Bakayev, Kanat Rymtayev

Gaffer: Asan Mukashev

Editing Director: Beibit Oner

Video Engineer: Beibit Oner, Ilyas Shuashpayev

Music: Anuar Sarybayev (Noar), Bekzat Asylkanov, Arsen Zhauynbayev

Motion Graphics: Alimograph

Sound Editing: Ilya Korobeinikov

Color Grading: Timur Zhanpeisov

Subtitles: Asem Sarysheva

Special Thanks to: ALA Space, Zhomart Aralbayuly, Nurbol Kuandykov